Christmas Market

Rathwood will host its third Christmas market. Located in the Market Marquee beside the popular Santa Train, more than thirty pop up stalls selling seasonal, festive and fun gifts will create a buzzing atmosphere in the Home and Garden Centre.


St. Colmans pipe band of Ballindaggin Co. Wexford have been booked to play

Adult's Market

plethora of crafty gifts including personalised Christmas decorations, personalised chocolate bars and candy, felt crafts, animal pottery, fine art, costume jewellery, homemade sweets, wooden photoframes, candles shaped like food, wood turned pieces, nettle based creams and wishwords

Children’s Market

Rathwood is also organising a competition amongst the school children running their stalls. The best Christmas Product will be selected and displayed permanently in the busy Centre right up to Christmas.. We like our visitors to have a lot of fun and by running the Christmas market we feel we can get a real buzz and also help support local artisans and producers. The idea to support the local schools also came about as we know how hard the Transition Year students work at their projects and we wanted to give them a taste of retail sales for real. We hope to see lots of support for all the stallholders.